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LookInMyPC Customization and Private Labeling
If you would like to be able to distribute LookInMyPC to your customers or within your company,we can provide custom, private label versions of LookInMyPC at a reasonable cost. What you get... Custom program name. Custom graphics with your logo. All references to “LookInMyPC” are replaced with your product or company name. Custom report headings. Custom report sidebar linking. Custom installer with your name and logo. Redistribution license. In other words, the program will look and behave like it is your own custom creation. What it costs... The cost for a private labeled version of LookInMyPC is $795.00. This includes all the customization services above and one year of product update maintenance. Continuing product update maintenance is $295.00 annually and is totally optional. Turnaround is typically 4-5 days after we receive your logo artwork and specifications.
For more information on private label versions of LookInMyPC, please contact us using the form below.
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Private Labeling