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LookInMyPC utilizes a simple, easy to use user interface that allows you to select the items you are most interested in. One of the most useful features is the ability to email reports to a tech savvy friend or even a tech support professional. When you select this option, LookInMyPC will generate the report and display it in your browser the same way as it would if you selected "Generate Report". At the same time, it will also create a ZIP file of the report and open up your default email program and create a new message with the zipped LookInMyPC profile already attached to the message. You can also attach your Baseline report so that it can be compared to the current report. You simply enter the address you want to send the report to, and click "send" and off it goes. This can be a tremendously useful feature when you have a problem and need to contact a software or hardware vendors tech support department. They can have a full profile of your computer at their fingertips to help you diagnose and fix the problem quickly. LookInMyPC now includes a powerful feature that allows you to compare reports. You can quickly compare your Baseline report to the most recent report or compare any two archived reports. LookInMyPC maintains your reports in archived ZIP format, but the comparison features require no "unzipping" or any extra work. Just choose the reports you want to compare, and LookInMyPC will handle everything for you. For Windows 2k, 2003, XP, Vista, 2008 and Windows 7
LookInMyPC Feature Overview