LookInMyPC Agent Tools for Computer Gurus and Tech Support Professionals

Coming soon...
Special tools to help analyze and compare user submitted LookInMyPC reports
and create downloadable report profiles for generating and delivering custom reports.

A special "Agent" program allows you to Drag and drop user submitted LookInMyPC report files for instant comparison or viewing.

Another special program gives support agents the ability to create special encrypted LookInMyPC report profiles users can download to generate custom reports. You can pre-configure the profile to include only the information you are interested in seeing, PLUS you can specify additional information and behavior characteristics including the following:

  • Inspect specified registry keys and values.
  • Get detailed file listings for specified directories.
  • Get version information for specified files.
  • Log or debug info files (entire file or last xxx bytes).
  • Utilize the built in SMTP client for delivery of reports to specified addresses automatically.
  • Use alternate SMTP servers and ports to bypass ISP restrictions or to support machines without email.
  • Utilize the built-in FTP client to upload reports automatically.
  • Customize the report "sidebar" display with your own advertising or other information.
  • Custom profiles are encrypted to hide email and FTP addresses and connection information from users.
  • Custom profiles can be set to expire on a specific date.
  • Submitted report files can be password protected.
  • And much more...

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